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Hi Su- Yay! This is an endlessly fascinating subject!

For me personally, music can transform the darkest of moods. Listening or sitting down to play, improvise, or just play a few sounds on the piano and poof- energy can be transformed. It’s true!

Some sounds in the world today are, for me, damaging and anti-healing. I wonder why people want that. In the store, etc… why is it there?

These are some sounds I love:

In the morning when we get up: Debussy

When we walk: Birds

Any time: John Coltrane

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Then came the 60's and the consonant rats fled. Today they seem to be able to reside side by side.

In the 1920's, Ezra Pound said, "Any note may follow any other note, as long as it's properly spaced in time." Have you experienced sound healing? What were the sounds and what was the result?

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Your mention of the heart beat reminds of the late Gal Costa's Song "Bumba Da Mangueira" from her album "O Sorriso Do Gato De Alice". The surdo on the track is really well recorded.

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