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When I lived in London, I worked in a store that specialized in rare, out-of-print and reprints of poetry. At one point the owner re-published some of Ezra Pound's fascist wartime pamphlets. There was an uproar over that and eventually, in his late 60's, went to prison for copywrite infringement. Even though those pamphlets had been out of print and circulation for nearly 20 yrs., and no one else was interested in reprinting them, and the original publishers no longer existed. Don't poke the Lion.

As an aside; Drum books are some of the worst sources for learning to play Jazz. Then there's all that nonsense about "rudiments," and no one ever tells you that there are only 3 rudiments: Single strokes, Double strokes, and Flams. All the others are made up of combinations of those three.

After spending 2 yrs., in high school, going through the Jim Chapin Be-Bop drumming book, I could play all the Max Roach "licks," and new very little about how to create my own phrases, then, one day, while listening to Bird's Now The Time album, it dawned on me that Max was playing off the structure of the melodies. Duh. After that, I just learned the songs and forgot about the exercise books. It's probably different for melodic instruments. IDK.

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